Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 10 Recruitment Methods

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 10 Recruitment Methods

→ Recruitment is a process of attracting potential people to apply for a job in an organization.

→ Recruitment encourages the prospective employees to apply for the job. Then the organization scrutinise the applications received and the suitable candidates are shortlisted for selection.

→ According to Edwin B. Flippo, “It is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization”.

→ Recruitment process includes the following steps, planning, determining vacancies, advertisement, Selection Process Evaluation and control.

→ There are basically two ways by which an organisation can recruit its employees namely Internal and External sources.

→ Internal Sources:
Transfer, upgrading promotion, Demotion, Recommendation, by existing Employees, job rotation, Retired employee, Acquisitions and Mergers.

→ External:
(i) Direct:
Advertisement, Walkins, Campus Recruitment, Recruitment at Factory gate, Rival firms e-Recruitment

(ii) Indirect:
Public Employment Exchanges, Employment Agencies, Employment Consultancies, Professional Associations, Deputation word of mouth, Labour contractors Job Portals, Outsourcing, Poaching.

The recent methods of recruiting by organisations include the following methods
(i) Outsourcing
(ii) Poaching

Students can be asked to identify four or five job portals with websites

  1. Career
  2. glass
  3. google for jobs

Writing an advertisement for the recruitment of Product Manager

We are currently recruiting a strong product manager for our (B2B) core product.

  1. Day to Day role and responsibility
  2. Responsible for internet listing service, online website product-package upto date and there is clear value preposition presented to our customers.
  3. You have experience working to redefine, modernize and maintain a product process to digital advertising product experience job function product and pay type salary.

Write an assignment on the ways by which recruitment can be Outsourced

  1. Having trouble finding great candidates.
  2. Its taking time and Resources away from the core business.
  3. They need to reduce their Turnover Rates.
  4. Current Recruiting functions are out of control.
  5. Need to cut costs
  6. Focus on core business
  7. A high turn over rate and competitive advantage.
  8. Rapid growth.

Suggest suitable methods of Training for middle and top level employees

  1. Coaching
  2. Understudy Assignment
  3. Job Rotation
  4. Special projects
  5. Actual learning planned career progression
  6. Instructor – Led classroom training.

Interactive methods:

  1. Computer – based e-leaming
  2. Training
  3. Video Training,
  4. Coaching and mentoring.

Projecting the future methods of recruitment that can save time and money

  1. Innovative Recruitment methods.
  2. Inclusive job advertisement.
  3. Programmative advertising.
  4. Video interviewing
  5. Employee referrals and social media.
  6. Texting, Virtual Reality,
  7. Using data and mobile recruitment.

Designing new ways of Recruitment through internet

  1. Make mobile a priority
  2. Irregular grid layouts.
  3. Bold fonts and Bright colors
  4. Increase in micro interactions
  5. Web – design Trends to watch in 2019.

Enhancing the role of HR department in promoting work life balance

Helping to facilitates culture that focuses in performance and quality of output rather than the number of hours the people spend at their desk. Introduce work place flexibility leading by examples one of the best way for HR to create company culture that promote output oriented and support the principles of healthy work life balance.

Simplifying the process of registering in Employment Exchanges

Fill up the required application form which is either available online or with employment exchange in your area. Submitted attested photo copies of all your educational certificates and experience related certificates along with your resume caste certificates, photo, produced ID – Voter ID, Ration card, passport, Birth certificate. After registration you will be issued a registration numbers.

Reducing the time gap between search for new jobs and availability of new jobs

Making a career changes is typically the best way to improve your salary and benefits.
How to jumb start a job search?
Its perfectly to say you felt burned out after graduating and need a breathe and then you looked for a job, you honed your skill, travelled, volunteering start working as a part time while you looked for that first job you get the idea.

To formulate policies to enhance the job opportunities in both Public and Private sector

  1. Develop and maintain infrastructure.
  2. Promote and expand existing business.
  3. Address inefficiency in the local economy.
  4. Promote human capital development to help vulnerable groups especially to participate in the labour market. Promote small micro, macro and medium enterprises (supply and demand side measures and attract investment in the city) Initiative planning and decision making processes are needed to support private sector participate in urban Government.

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