Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 1 Principles of Management

→ Management is part and parcel of our day to day life. Management is goal oriented and it is an art of getting things done with and through others. The practise of management helps to achieve the organisational mission and determines the future of the business enterprises. It is a global and universal concept.

→ In management, we have planning action – control cycle. Management of human resources inorder to secure co operation and teamwork from the people in their performance.

→ “To manage is to forecast, to plan to organise to command, to coordinate and to control” – Henry Fayol. It attempts to describe management in terms of what a manager does and not what management is.

→ Druckes stresses three jobs of management:

  1. Managing a business
  2. Managing manager and
  3. Managing workers and work

→ A discussion about the nature of management whether it is an art of doing things or it is a pure science of getting things done.

→ Management is all about plans and actions but the administration is concerned with framing policies and setting objectives. The manager looks after the management of the organisation where as administrator is responsible for the administration of the organisation. Management focuses on managing people and their work.

→ A process is something that what a person does in the context of his individual duties and responsibilities assigned by his or her immediate higher authority. There are twin purposes of the management process.

  1. Profitability
  2. Maximum human welfare and satisfaction.

→ Principles of scientific management propounded by Taylor are:

  1. Science, not rule of thumb
  2. Harmony, not discard
  3. Co-operation, not individualism
  4. Mental revolution
  5. Development of each and every person to his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity.

→ The father of modem management is Mr Henry fayol and according to him, there are 14 major principles of management which every manager has to practise for the success of the organisation.

→ The span of management refers to the number of subordinates who can be managed efficiently by a superior, similarly the manager having the group of subordinates who report him directly is called as the span of management.

→ The span of management is related to the horizontal levels of the organisation structure. There is a wide and a narrow span of management.

Imagine yourself to be a manager and chart down the functions to be performed,

If I am to be a manager following will be functions that I need to be perform. Planning organizing staffing directing and controlling. First I will be plan already then to organise and create structure for daily tasks and allotment of work in each and every department of my company.

After plan I must be organize my team to motivating and guiding and encouraging the employees to do the best way. Then I will assist to give guidance how to solve the problem in my company. There is need to check the result against the goal. If it is necessary to take correct actions to make sure that immediately to take steps against the employee. I am always to be control over all the aspects of my company.

Formulate a new policy relating to timing of employees
A new policy to timing of employees:

(i) Flexible working hours makes employees more productive.
(ii) Time Policy – The company must insist that every employee should be regular and punctual in attendance. The basic advantage of fixed timing is that there is a very appropriate coordination among the employees. Flexible working hours makes employees more productive.

Write an e-mail to all the employees informing them about the office timing. This is done to ensure the availability of employee in the office. Departments may wish to consider allowing some employees to perform job responsibilities from home (or) from other alternative work sites. Spending time with their families and getting enough sleep lets the employees feel refreshed they are very happy to come to work.

The changes in management and administration of a school growing into a college

Hire and supervise teachers to create school rules, policies and plan academic calendars. School offering college administration may be different in the policy making, researchers, consultant to help evaluate and to develop way to enrich and enhance the educational system at all levels.

Application of management process in accomplishing work life balance

Work life balance is a concept that describe the idea of splitting onetime and energy between work and other important aspects of their life. To make time for family, friends relatives and community participations. Personnel growth, self care and other personal activity keep our energy flowing ear mind and bodies healthy. Track your time and determine yourpriorities work smarter and not harder. Measurable goals and set specific goals.

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes