Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 11 Employee Selection Process

→ The selection process may be adopted depending upon the nature of jobs and organization. A selection process includes a number of steps screening the application forms, test, interview, checking of references, physical examination and approval by appropriate authority.

→ The main aim of selection process is to find out the suitable candidate for specific job. Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable person for the vacant position in the organization.

→ “Selection is a managerial decision making process is to predict which job applicants will be successful if hired” – David and Robbins

→ Several tests are conducted in the selection process to ensure whether the candidate possesses the necessary qualification to fit into various positions in the organization. (Ability tests and personality tests).

→ Interview represents a face to face interaction between the interview and interviewee. Various types of interview, preliminary, structure, unstructure indepth, panel, stress, telephone online, group and video conferencing interview.

→ Factors influencing selection process, are listed below. Nature of post, number of candidates, selection policy cost factor, and level of Educational Qualification and Experience.

→ Placement is an important human resource activity after a candidate has been selected. He/she should be placed on a particular job. The process placing the right man on the right job is called “Placement”.

→ The significance of the placement is to improves employees morale, to helps in reducing employee turnover it help the candidate to work as per the pre-determined objectives of the organization.

→ Principles are followed at the time of placement of an employee. Man should be placed on the job according to the requirements of the job. The job should be offered to the man based on his qualification.

→ When placing new recruit on the job an effort should be made to develop a sense of loyalty and co-operation in him, so that he/she may realize his\her responsibilities better towards the job and the organization.

Know the job selection methods in TamilNadu government

Eligibility criteria: Inviting application eligible candidate for selection process. It is based on educational qualification either X, XII std or degree course. Merit-mark based and refer Date of Birth will be preferred. Preference will be given ST, SC, OBC then OC Age limit, compulsory languages known and must computer knowledge. Written test and interview method to be conducted to select the appropriate candidate for the post.

Collection of job application related to different types job

Application form: Prescribed resume prepared about your personal information and job wise, experience wise, details about the job requirement, networking job board and career website, Referrals job fairs.

Student should know about the skilled and unskilled workers

Skilled labour often refers to a line of work that requires technical skill or specialized Training.
Electricians, plumbers:

  1. Highly skilled occupation – Lawyers, Doctors, Architects.
  2. Unskilled labour occupation typically don’t require works have any kind of special training or skills. Because of these positions are should displaced by technology and innovation like computer, Farm labours, cashiers cleaners and sweepers.

Students should know how to apply and fill up the job application

  1. Get all your basic information together personal details education experience etc.
  2. Read the application form right through before we write anything.
  3. Follow all instructions and answer the questions asked in the form.
  4. Spell check and proof read your application.
  5. Write out a detailed employment history.
  6. Record information regarding your education.
  7. List of references with each person home, then job title or Relation to us and their contact number.
  8. Include special skill and other related experience.
  9. Have someone review our application.

How will you prepare your Resume and Application?

  1. Contact details
  2. List of key skills
  3. List of technical and software skill
  4. Personal attributes
  5. Educational qualification
  6. Employment history and
  7. References.

Find out any Five Selection interview questions

  1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  2. How did you hear about the position?
  3. What do you know about the company?
  4. What are your greatest professional strength?
  5. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you have faced at work and in what way you handle with it?
  6. What is your dream job?

Student should arrange face to face interview

A data collection method when the interviewer directly communicates with respondent in accordance with the prepared questionnaire.

  • Take your time and use think speak, shut up.
  • Remember your body language obsess about it.

To Identify the Placement process

Placement will be Governed by institute placement guidelines.

  1. Planning for placement.
  2. The Board activities undertaken by the placement cell.
  3. Institute placement committee.
  4. Students registration for placement.
  5. Placement Brochure
  6. Placement eligibility.
  7. Guidelines for placement.

Student should visit a nearby organization and observe the selection interview

  1. Critical analysis of the personality of candidates.
  2. Accurate final selection.
  3. Providing details about the company to the candidate.
  4. Use of experience and knowledge of expert interviewers. Organising resume writing, Group discussion, interview, Skill session communication, Networking and Relation building with the potential recruiters.

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes