Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 24 Types of Entrepreneurs

→ The word entrepreneur is a general term they are called by different names depending upon the function they perform business they engaged in technology they adopt, the area, they start, the venture, type of ownership held and motivation given to them.

→ Innovating entrepreneur is one who always focused on introducing a new product or introducing something new in the venture already started.

→ Initiative entrepreneur is one who simply initiates existing skill, knowledge or technology already in place in advanced countries. A simply reengineer or redesign the products developed in advanced countries and produce a version suited to their local conditions.

→ Entrepreneurs are said to be conservatives and sceptical about plasticizing any change in their organization. They are of risk averse type.

→ Drone entrepreneur are those who are totally opposed to changes unfolding in the environment. They used to operate in the niche market.

→ Classification according to type of business is, business entrepreneur, trading, industrial, corporate, agricultural retail and service entrepreneurs.

→ Classification based on technology based is technical, non-technical and professional entrepreneur. Classification in terms of motivation is pure induced, motivated and spontaneous entrepreneur.

→ Classification based on development stage is first generation. Modem and classical entrepreneur classification according to area is urban and rural entrepreneur classification according ownership is private, state and joint entrepreneurship.

Students are instructed to visit and interview a successful entrepreneur in your locality. Present a report about the factors that leads to the success of the entrepreneur based on the interview

The success of the entrepreneur.

  1. Willingness to take action.
  2. Entrepreneurial knowledge.
  3. Entrepreneurial skill.
  4. Intelligence, patience
  5. Persistence and the ability for team work.
  6. Great Talent and Honesty.
  7. Self-confidence

Scan the products that are available in your market. Imagine an innovative product with multiple uses. Make a survey about the innovative products success among the locality

Finding innovation new uses for successful product or services can clearly increase your market size and as results “sales” product innovation either new or new version of a previous goods. It includes invention of new product size shape colour usage and benefits of consumers, sales, price of be product and profitability product development through research and testing whether the product functions properly and all the necessary arrangement are made to enhance the product as much as possible.

Observe the small shops and outlets in and around your locality. Think about new ideas for the future outlets in your area

New ideas – In store innovation.
(i) To improve customer experience with technology. .
(ii) Integrate a customer experience with augmented reality and virtual reality. Data on your customer. Interactive on item connected to your social media in the store and you can send picture directly to you instagram. Innovative ideas that will shape the future of Retail.

Sri Krishna Integrated Farm

Founder: Mr. R. Govindaraj, Sri Krishna Integrated Farm,
Neppathur Village, SirkazhiT.K. Nagapattinam.
Products: Supply of produced items like Cattle Farm, Fish Farm, Rabbit Breeder, Country chicken, Organic Paddy, Organic Fertiliser, Organic
Vegetables, Eggs, Milk, Livestock Feed and organic grass seeds, Vellimasa!, Hedgelucem and Concentrating maggots for fish and poultry.


  1. Giving training to SHG
  2. Supply of Farm Products to Star Hotels and many traders for Breeding Purpose.
  3. Supply to other states like Andhrapradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.
  4. Above 15 lakhs Turnover
  5. Size of Employment
  6. Training to unemployed Youth
  7. To reduce migration

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes Chapter 24 Types of Entrepreneurs 1

The main purpose of integrated farming is that farming components support one another hence reducing external inputs. Mixed farming system recycles all wastes. So that one’s waste is indeed another’s food. Self help group people have to get training through this company and to start his / her own business (own farm). The company turnover 15 lakhs and provide employment opportunities particularly in rural areas to avoid migration people moving from rural to urban to be reduced. The company will provide more employment opportunity to young people in the field of integrated farm.

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Commerce Notes